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Welcome to AICC RCOG NZ

The AICC RCOG NZ is constituted of Fellows and Members of RCOG (London) who are resident in the Northern – Zone of India.

It works to improve health care for women everywhere, by setting standards for clinical practice, providing doctors with training and lifelong learning, and advocating for women’s health care worldwide.

  • To promote evidence based clinical practice in Obstetrics and Gynaecology as per RCOG guidelines and set standards to improve women’s health in India.
  • To help post graduates preparing for the MD/MS/DNB & MRCOG examination by conducting courses and providing them access to the RCOG-NZ library.
  • To help promote the use of evidence based guidelines and protocols in the practice of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Organize postgraduate scientific meetings, conferences and courses to update practitioners, healthcare professionals, trainees in Obstetrics & Gynaecology in women’s health.
  • Maintain a library for the benefit of practitioners, trainees in obs & gynae, all post graduates undertaking MD/MS/DNB examination and aspirants of the MRCOG examinations.
  • To organize finances and raise funds for the above activities.
  • To support further training of junior and senior doctors at centres of excellence in India and abroad.
  • To support the running of charitable clinics for the underprivileged women and children.
  • To work in partnership with other agencies and professional bodies to promote health and education amongst the public.
  • To provide professional advice to the government and other public bodies on ethical and safe medical practice.
  • To study medical issues relevant to Indian women and conduct research to improve healthcare of women optimise solutions for gynaecological problems in women with relevance to India.
  • To conduct research in our country in order to establish guidelines as relevant to our population.
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.Working together is success.
-Henry Ford
Past Chairpersons

Dr Nirmala Agarwal

Dr Sohani Verma

Dr Urvashi Prasad Jha

Dr Urmil Sharma

Dr Sarla Gopalan

Dr Sheila Mehra

Dr S K Ghai Bhandari
Dr Ranjana Sharma

MBBS, MS, MRCOG, FRCOG, MFFP, FICOG, PG Cert in Med Edu ( Warwick Univ, UK)

rnj_sharma@yahoo.com , +91-9810162431

Hospital: Senior Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, Urogynaecologist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi. Chairperson, Urogynae committee of Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Delhi (AOGD).

Immediate Past Chairperson, All India Co-ordinating Committee(AICC)
Dr Nirmala Agarwal


n.menoky@gmail.com , +91-9811888732

Hospital: Head of Department, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi

Dr Anita Kaul

MBBS, MD, FRCOG (UK), Diploma Fetal Medicine(FMF-UK), Diploma in Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound

anitagkaul@gmail.com , +91-9811100511

Vice Chairperson AICC - RCOG NZ, India
Faculty: RCOG Basic Practical Skill, Part II MRCOG Course

Hospital: Senior Consultant & Head of Department, Apollo Centre for Fetal Medicine, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

Dr Shelly Arora

drshellyaroramamc@gmail.com, +91 8851304309

Secretary, AICCRCOG-NZ

Dr Anjila Aneja Wig , FRCOG

anjilaaneja1966@gmail.com, +91-9810059519

Treasurer AICC - RCOG NZ, India

Dr Mamta Dagar

mamtadagar2004@yahoo.co.in, +91-9811437782

Treasurer AICC - RCOG NZ, India

Web Editor
Dr Vidhi Chaudhary


Dr Asmita Rathore


Fellow Representatives
Dr Uma Pandey
Dr Asmita Rathore
Dr Poonam Tara
Member Representatives
Dr Jyoti Bhaskar
Dr Chanchal Singh
Dr Shelly Arora
Current Office Bearers
Fellows and Members R No E Mail Telephone City/
Patron & Past Chairperson
Dr S K Ghai Bhandari
(1989-92), FRCOG
4306 drskbhandari@rediffmail.com 24625994/ 24690679 Delhi
Dr Sheila Mehra
(1992-97), FRCOG
4964 drmehra@hotmail.com 9810059047/ 24333026 Delhi
Dr Urmil Sharma
(2002-07), FRCOG
5497 sharmaurmil33@gmail.com 9810068815 Delhi
Dr. Urmil Sharma 1429 sharmaurmil33@gmail.com 9810068815 Delhi
Dr M Kochhar , FRCOG 1429 drmkochhar@yahoo.com 9810018277 Delhi
Dr Prabha Sinha , FRCOG agynaecologist@gmail.com UK
Dr Sanjeev Sharma , FRCOG sdsharma@gmail.com UK
Dr R P Soonawala
Dr Prathap C Reddy Chairman, Apollo Group of Hospitals
Dr Ashok Chauhan Founder, Chairman, Amity Education Group
Past Chairperson, All India Co-ordinating Committee (AICC)
Dr Nirmala Agarwal, FRCOG 12198 n.menoky@gmail.com 9811888732 Delhi
Dr Ranjana Sharma rnj_sharma@yahoo.com 9810162431 Delhi
Vice Chairperson
Dr Anita Kaul, FRCOG 115412 anita_kaul@apollohospitals.com 9811100511 Ghaziabad
Dr Shelly Arora drshellyaroramamc@gmail.com 8851304309
Dr Anjila Aneja Wig , FRCOG anjilaaneja1966@gmail.com 91-9810059519 Ghaziabad
Dr Mamta Dagar mamtadagar2004@yahoo.co.in +91-9811437782
Web Editor
Dr Vidhi Chaudhary drvidh@gmail.com +91-9971073780
Dr Asmita Rathore asmita.rathore@yahoo.com, 9968604345 +918851304309
Fellow Representatives
Dr Uma Pandey
Dr Asmita Rathore
Dr Poonam Tara
Member Representative
Dr Jyoti Bhaskar
Dr Chanchal
Dr Shelly Arora
Co-opted Members:
Dr Anita Kaul
Dr Anjila Aneja
Dr Sweta Gupta
Team AICC RCOG North Zone (Delhi & NCR)
Fellows and Members R No E Mail Telephone City/
Dr Anjila Aneja Wig , FRCOG 118800 anjilaaneja1966@gmail.com 9810059519 Delhi
Dr Asmita Rathore , FRCOG 116779 asmita.rathore@yahoo.com 9968604345 Delhi
Dr Astha Takkar , MRCOG 156074 asthatakkar@gmail.com   Gurgaon
Dr Chandan  Dubey , MRCOG 142402 chandandubey15@gmail.com 9871489719 Delhi
Dr Deepti Goswami , MRCOG 113104 drdeeptigoswami@hotmail.com   Delhi
Dr Deepti Goswami , MRCOG 171208 gosdeepti@hotmail.com   Delhi
Dr J B Sharma , FRCOG 107421 jbsharma2000@gmail.com 9868397309 Delhi
Dr Jasmeet Kaur , MRCOG 154486 jasmeetmonga@gmail.com 9871464264 Gurgaon
Dr Jayasree Sundar , MRCOG 137233 jayasreesundar@yahoo.co.in 9810297461 Delhi
Dr Jharna Behura , MRCOG 127953 jharnabehura@yahoo.co.in 9810247593 Delhi
Dr Jyoti Bhaskar , MRCOG 150433 jytbhaskar@yahoo.com 9711191648 Delhi
Dr Kiran Popli , MRCOG 132095 kiran_popli@hotmail.com   Gurgaon
Dr Mamta Dagar , MRCOG 131988 mamtadagar2004@yahoo.co.in 9811437782 Delhi
Dr Mamta Mishra , MRCOG 144162 drmmishra12@gmail.com,
Dr Manavita Mahajan , FRCOG 118732 manavitamahajan@hotmail.com 9810583876 Delhi
Dr Meena Naik , MRCOG 140657 m.naik1971@yahoo.com 9818258503 Delhi
Dr Meenakshi T Sahu , MRCOG 140555 meenakshi_sahu@rediffmail.com 9313872444 Ghaziabad
Dr Monika Nagpal , MRCOG   drmonikanagpal@gmail.com 9811045610 Delhi
Dr Neema Sharma , MRCOG 139025 drneemasharma@yahoo.com 9911057456 Delhi
Dr Neena Malhotra , MRCOG 121703 malhotraneena@yahoo.com 9891557707 Delhi
Dr Neeta Gupta , MRCOG 142145 drneetagupta@hotmail.com 9899305479 Delhi
Dr Nivedita M N Kaul , MRCOG 181984 drniveditakaul@gmail.com   Delhi
Dr Pakhee Agarwal , MRCOG   pakh_ag@yahoo.com   Delhi
Dr Parul Chopra , MRCOG 160925 drparulchopra@gmail.com   Gurgaon
Dr Pooja C Thukral , MRCOG 140847 poojacthukral@gmail.com 9873980655 Haryana
Dr Poonam Tara Neeti , FRCOG 128066 poonamtara@hotmail.com 9717077700 Delhi
Dr Preeti Rastogi , MRCOG   preeti818@icloud.com   Gurgaon
Dr Priti Gupta , MRCOG 144344 priti.krish@yahoo.co.in 9871928660 Delhi
Dr Puja Dewan , MRCOG 131666 pujadewan2006@yahoo.com   Noida
Dr Puneet Kaur Kochhar,
9953001628 Delhi
Dr Ritika Bhandari , MRCOG 112818 bhandariritika@yahoo.co.in 9811602921 Delhi
Dr S N Basu , FRCOG 12795 ssndbasu@yahoo.com 9810119072 Delhi
Dr Sandhya Gupta , MRCOG 158357 sums.sandhya@gmail.com 9910693456 Delhi
Dr Sangeeta , MRCOG 152397 drsangeetamamc@gmail.com 9810465757/
Dr Sangeeta Sabherwal , FRCOG 10254 sangeetadhawan3@gmail.com 9810465757/
Dr Seema Sharma , MRCOG 120284 drseemagyn@hotmail.com   Delhi
Dr Shikha Pasrija Chadha , MRCOG 164825 shikhapasrija@gmail.com 9718599656 Delhi
Dr Sonu Agarwal , FRCOG   sonuagarwal393@hotmail.com 9810508029 Delhi
Dr Sushma P Sinha , FRCOG 105004 sinha_sushma@hotmail.com 9810068543 Delhi
Dr Sweta Gupta , MRCOG   swetagupta06@yahoo.com 8130140007 Delhi
Dr Tanya B Rohatgi , MRCOG 142257 niteshrohatgi@yahoo.com   Delhi
Dr Tripti Madan , MRCOG 161011 triptimadan@yahoo.co.in 9810277214 Delhi
Dr Usha M Kumar , MRCOG 139297 dr_usha_mkumar@hotmail.com 999293741 Delhi
Dr Vinita Jaggi Kumar , MRCOG 143764 drvinitakumar@yahoo.co.in 9560390112/
Dr Saritha S Kale , FRCOG   shamsundersaritha@gmail.com 9313826748/
AICC RCOG North Zone (Alphabetical Order)
Fellows and Members R No E Mail Telephone City/
Dr A Sharma , MRCOG 156015 archana_doc05@yahoo.com   Kanpur
Dr A Gauba Singh , FRCOG 4294     Delhi
Dr A K Kanwar , FRCOG 4582     Delhi
Dr A Raman , MRCOG 153916 2006.anusri@gmail.com   Chennai
Dr A Sanadaya , MRCOG 124607 gouranita@gmail.com   Jaipur
Dr A Singh , MRCOG 135473 anubha_singh167@hotmail.com   Delhi
Dr B Ganjoo , FRCOG 101416 basantiganjoo@gmail.com   Srinagar
Dr B K Dhaliwal , FRCOG 4098 drmp007@yahoo.co.in   Moga
Dr Chetna Jain , MRCOG   jainchetna@gmail.com    
Dr D M Thaker , MRCOG 108768 darshanapawar2003@yahoo.com   Nagpur
Dr G I Dhall , FRCOG 1183 dhallgi@yahoo.com   Panchkula
Dr G Rai Chowdhuri , FRCOG 5384     Delhi
Dr G S Tomar , MRCOG 142560 drgtomar@gmail.com   Indore
Dr G V Padubidri , FRCOG 5171     Delhi
Dr Gunjan Gupta , MRCOG 144623 Gunjan21sep@gmail.com   Ghaziabad
Dr H K Narang , MRCOG 144285 hrkng@hotmail.com   Delhi
Dr I M James , MRCOG 4526 irismanjula@hotmail.com   Delhi
Dr J A Naqshbandi , MRCOG 5064     Srinagar
Dr J Sidhu , FRCOG 3290 drjasusidhu@gmail.com   Bathinda
Dr K Dua , MRCOG 106884 drdua@msn.com   Delhi
Dr K Dwivedee , MRCOG 140562 kaushikid@yahoo.com   Gurgaon
Dr K Gupta , MRCOG 124400 sg2710@gmail.com   Varanasi
Dr L Mehta , FRCOG 4962     Lucknow
Dr M Jindal , FRCOG 4540     Meerut
Dr M Karna , MRCOG 4590     Delhi
Dr M L Aggarwal , FRCOG 3598 Shashi_aggarwal@ rediffmail.com   Delhi
Dr M M Dass , FRCOG 4058 mohinidass@gmail.com   Lucknow
Dr M R Dutta , FRCOG 4160     Delhi
Dr M Sahai , FRCOG 5414     Jaipur
Dr M Singhal , FRCOG 5551 msinghal07@yahoo.co.in   Muzaffarnagar
Dr M Srivastava , MRCOG 10964 drmadhusrivastava@gmail.com   Noida
Dr Madhu Ahuja , MRCOG 13118 madhu_ahuja@hotmail.com   Delhi
Dr Manjusha , MRCOG 135182 manjusha9000@gmail.com   Lucknow
Dr Mrs S K Vohra , FRCOG 5773 docvohra@gmail.com   Delhi
Dr N Bhan , MRCOG 120117 neerabhan@yahoo.com   Ghaziabad
Dr N Metre Singh , FRCOG 5537     Himachal Pradesh
Dr N V Baheti , FRCOG 10724 nvbaheti@gmail.com   Rajasthan
Dr Neelamvinay Singh , MRCOG 143903 neelamvinay@gmail.com   Lucknow
Dr P Gupta , MRCOG 164916 prerna12in@yahoo.co.in   Jaipur
Dr P Gupta , FRCOG 4377     Gurgaon
Dr Puneet R Arora , MRCOG   indianfertility@gmail.com, parora@doctors.org.uk    
Dr Renu Mittal Lakhatia , MRCOG 139197 devishiv2001@yahoo.com   Lucknow
Dr S Aggarwal , FRCOG 10144 ashim14@gmail.com   Delhi
Dr S Bahl-Dhall , FRCOG 3718     Noida
Dr S Bhalgotra , FRCOG 12459     Delhi
Dr S C Kohli , FRCOG 4672 rsck19@gmail.com   Delhi
Dr S C Saha , MRCOG 112296 drscsaha@sify.com   Chandigarh
Dr S G Singh , MRCOG 5552     Patiala
Dr S Jindal , MRCOG 139263 shobakapil@rediffmail.com   Rajasthan
Dr S K Mangat , FRCOG 12193 drsmangat@yahoo.com   Jalandhar City
Dr S Kamra , FRCOG 4569 shailakamra@gmail.com   Delhi
Dr S Kataria , MRCOG 135323 savysab15@yahoo.com   Delhi
Dr S Patodi , MRCOG 127915 sweetynsoni@yahoo.com   Jaipur
Dr S Patra , MRCOG 108680 sukanya.97@hotmail.com   Delhi
Dr S Rakheja , MRCOG 144105 anilrakheja@hotmail.com   Delhi
Dr S V Sachdev , MRCOG 137279 sachdevshivani@yahoo.co.in   Noida
Dr Suman Bansal , MRCOG 150846 drsumanbansal@gmail.com   Ambala
Dr Sumita Prabhakar , MRCOG 121376 sumitaprabhakar@hotmail.com   Dehradun
Dr Sushma Dikhit , MRCOG 140577 sushmadikhit@hotmail.com   Ghaziabad
Dr T M Malik , FRCOG 103640 tahirmalik235@yahoo.com   Srinagar
Dr U Sharma , FRCOG 5443     Ghaziabad
Dr Uma Pandey , MRCOG 127582 uma.pandey2006@yahoo.com   Varanasi
Dr V B Arora , MRCOG 136727 vbbarora@yahoo.com   Ghaziabad
Dr V K Garg , FRCOG 12115 vibha_garg@hotmail.com   Jaipur
Dr Witty Raina , MRCOG 152181 wittysumbli@yahoo.co.in   Haryana
Chairperson & Executive Board
  • Chairperson
    Dr Ranjana Sharma
    Mobile No: +91-9810162431
    E-mail: rnj_sharma@yahoo.com
  • Immediate Past Chairperson
    Dr Nirmala Agarwal
    Mobile No: +91-9811888732
    E-mail: n.menoky@gmail.com
  • Vice Chairperson
    Dr Anita Kaul
    Mobile No: +91-9811100511
    E-mail: anitagkaul@gmail.com
  • Secretary
    Dr Shelly Arora
    Mobile No: +91-8851304309
    Email: drshellyaroramamc@gmail.com
  • Web Editor
    Dr Vidhi Chaudhary
    Mobile No: +91-9971073780
    Email: drvidh@gmail.com
    Dr Asmita Rathore
    Mobile No: +91-9968604345
    Email: asmita.rathore@yahoo.com
  • Treasurers
    Dr Anjila Aneja Wig , FRCOG
    Mobile No: +91-9810059519
    Email: anjilaaneja1966@gmail.com
    Dr Mamta Dagar
    Mobile No: +91-9811437782
    Email: mamtadagar2004@yahoo.co.in
  • Fellow Representatives
    Dr Uma Pandey
    Dr Asmita Rathore
    Dr Poonam Tara
  • Member Representative
    Dr Jyoti Bhaskar
    Dr Chanchal Singh
    Dr Shelly Arora
  • Co- opted Members
    Dr Anita Kaul - Fellow
    Dr Anjila Aneja - Fellow
    Dr Sweta Gupta - Member
  • Patrons
    Dr. Urmil Sharma
    Dr. Sheila Mehra
    Dr. R. P. Soonawal
    Dr. Prathap C Reddy
    Dr. Ashok Chauhan